Need Auto Loan, but Have Bad Credit?
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Over 4 years, United States Auto Finance has been helping customers with bad credit with comprehensive and respectful bad credit auto loan financing service. We are a renowned auto finance service provider, and we understand how difficult it is getting auto loan to buy a new or used car when you have bad credit. We have an extensive network of auto loan dealers who deals into bad credit auto loan financing, and can provide you with some of the best bad credit auto loans options FREE of cost online.

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What All Do You Require for a Bad Credit Auto Loan?

The bad credit auto lenders would require a minimum monthly W-2 (for regular employees) gross income of $1,800 in case you have less than 640 credit score.
If you are an independent contractor or self-employed, you may face more problem in bad credit auto loan financing. Additionally, you should have complete one full year with your current employers along with two years of verifiable employment history.
All applicants for auto loans with bad credit should be 18 years old and U.S. citizen.
In general, all bad credit auto dealers need discharge of Chapter 7 bankruptcies to Prequalify for bad credit car loan.

Are You Ready To Apply For Auto Loan With Bad Credit?

Before you apply for bad credit auto loans online, there are some things you should know. For instance, you should know about your credit score, your credit history, and monthly income, and as many bad credit auto companies need it, you may need to pay a down payment. Once you share you requirement, United States Auto Finance will explore our auto finance dealership network, and find out some reputed companies that provide auto loans for people with bad credit. Moreover, you have to pay nothing to us for this!

Maximize Your Chances for Bad Credit Car loan Approval
Applying for auto loans for poor credit is extremely easy at United States Auto Finance. You just have to be 18 year old and income proof. The amount that your will qualify for auto loan will entirely depend on the amount you can afford to pay back. Following are some other benefits of choosing us over other companies for getting FREE quotes for very bad credit auto loans are as follow
Get Competitive interest Rates
Easy and Flexible repayment plans

Apply For Bad Credit Auto Finance in Just 60 seconds

It barely takes 60 seconds to fill out our online form, and apply for very bad credit auto loans. Just share your detail and limitation with experts and you will get instant quotes for bad credit auto loans online without spending a single penny.